SarahP   Sarah Poynter Chairman Contact Details
Sarah became LFOC Chairman in April 2015. Having been involved with Lea-Francis for more than 20 years, Sarah was at one time the Editor of the LeaFlet and actively promotes the marque, not least by competing as a navigator in VSCC rallies. While she awaits the completion of the rather protracted rebuild of her 1927 Avon bodied P-Type tourer, Sarah makes do driving the pre ‘37 Registrar’s S-Type.
 MikeNeale full    Mike Neale Vice-Chairman  
A retired solicitor, Mike came later to Lea-Francis, but has made up for lost time with great enthusiasm and now has three vintage examples, including a splendidly rebuilt Hyper with which he competes in hill climbs and sprints, and a P type for navigational rallies
 SteveChittock    Steve Chittock General Secretary  Contact Details
Steve is an enthusiastic, determined and talented Lea-Francis owner who has successfully taken on a wide variety of projects that others may have found rather overwhelming. He has owned Lea-Francis products from both the Lower Ford Street and Much Park Street factories and has an extensive knowledge of the marque. 
 rod web3    Rod Holt Membership Secretary  Contact Details
 The genial figure of Rod Holt, usually accompanied by his very effective 14hp special, has become a familiar sight in recent years at our meetings, and also as a hard-working marshal at vintage events. We can expect a friendly and relaxed, but highly efficient approach to membership and financial matters.
 IMG 0968 2    Jamie Hunter  Treasurer Contact Details 
 Tom Baston    Tom Baston Competition Secretary & Safegurading Officer  Contact Details
It was probably only a matter of time before Tom became involved with Lea Francis, since his Father and Uncle both own Lea Francis cars and have been involved with classic and vintage cars most of their lives. Tom has a Lea Francis 14hp Sports that he is restoring, and he hopes to have it on the road by summer 2019 (no pressure!).
colindaw web3   Colin Daw Regalia Sales Contact Details
Colin joined in 1995 on purchasing his trusty 1928 P type, and with his wife, Angela, has worked tirelessly developing high quality Club regalia for sale by post or available for collection at various Club events.
 Peterweb    Peter Baston Spares Secretary  Contact Details
Peter has been Spares Secretary since 2005. Peter is a well known figure in the Club who has contributed so much, not only as Competition Secretary, but with help and advice for so many members, and as organiser of the NEC shows and the Jubilee events among others. His 14hp Sports is a superb restoration and probably the best sorted examples of the model, and he now has a Hyper as well. There are few people with the determination and skills that Peter has to rebuild cars from the derelict state it which he tends to get them and end up with outstanding examples of the marque.
ColinP   Colin Poynter Editor and Pre 1937 Registrar Contact Details
 Son of founder-member and former Chairman Keith Poynter, Colin competes with the same S-Type in which he attended his first race meeting at the age of six months. Like his father before him, Colin always drives the car to meetings (and usually home again). Growing up in a house with pictures and books on Lea-Francis everywhere, he was already knowledgeable at an early age, and study of the old records has deepened that knowledge since taking on the Register in 1989. He became Editor of the Club magazine, The LeaFlet, in 2017. 
chrisM web2   Chris Moseley Post 1937 Registrar Contact Details
Arriving from his native Australia as an impecunious student in 1974, Chris bought his first Lea-Francis 14hp saloon and joined the Club. A great enthusiast for the post-war cars, he was the ideal person to take on the Register in 1989. He owns a 14hp four-light saloon (damaged in a fire) and also has the rare six-light version.
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