The Club maintains a vast library of materials relating to Lea-Francis cars, and has the benefit of the collective knowledge and experience of Officers and members.

Printed Material

The Club holds information in the form of handbooks, many technical and other articles and some factory records that can be made available to members.

The following are selections of particularly useful material:

Post-war Technical and Model Information - MS Word | PDF
Vintage Technical Information - MS Word | PDF

Access to Information; DVD

Information is principally held in the Club Library.
But recently a DVD has been made available containing a wealth of material drawn mainly from the Library, and covering the models produced from 1937 onwards in the Much Park Street factory.
The content of this disc is divided into folders, which themselves have sub-folders, as follows:
1 Company Publicity
2 Magazine Articles
3 Technical Data
Each of the above then has folders under the headings of the main models.

Within the Technical Data folder there are wiring diagrams for all models, where these have been published.
The total file size of this disc is about 2 GB, but items of interest may be accessed directly from the disc and only these saved and/or printed .
All documents have been scanned at a high resolution, so that a) it will be possible to enlarge a page, or part of it, if you want to work on that part of your car; and b)  should an accident happen to the master scans, then all copies are of the same quality.
It is hoped to produce a separate DVD for the Lower Ford Street cars.
The Much Park Street disc is available from Colin Daw, Regalia Sales, at £10.00 for members or £ 25.00 for non-members, plus £2 postage in each case. To order, go to club shop

Vehicle Identification & History

Registers of pre- and post-war vehicles and their owners are kept, which record the histories of Lea-Francis products and enable us to establish the identity of a vehicle and to help owners with the reissue of original UK registration numbers.

Pre-1937 Registrar: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Post-1937 Registrar: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Technical Assistance

Members are also assisted with technical problems by experts on particular models who are listed at the front of the List of Members.

Yahoo! Discussion Group

Members can obtain advice and opinions through the Club’s discussion group. Click here for details of the Discussion Group.


The LeaFlet is the Club’s magazine, published six times a year, in February, April, June, August, October and December. Produced and edited to a high standard, it contains details of forthcoming events, both ours and others that we can recommend to members, listings of new members and their vehicles with full histories wherever possible, reports on events in which members have participated at home and abroad, memories of past experiences with Lea-Francis, and technical and historical articles of all types, the latter with contemporary black and white photographs, descriptions of restoration work, and reports of new finds. High quality colour photographs are featured on the front and rear covers and in the centre pages, and there are advertisements of items for sale and wanted, included without charge for members.

The Jubilee Book was published in 2003 to celebrate the Club’s fiftieth anniversary, and contains photographs and texts relating to nearly 300 Lea-Francis vehicles owned by members from across the globe, divided according to model and age, and accompanied by full technical details and history. Now out of print.

Members Lists

Lists of members and their vehicles are produced every two or three years and distributed free to the membership. The list is in two parts, the first being an alphabetical list of members with contact details and an indication of vehicles owned, while the second contains lists of vehicles according to model and chassis (or frame) number.

A summary of the 2008 list showing the numbers of each model owned as compared to the total produced can be found by clicking here.

Club Rules

The operation of the Lea-Francis Owners’ Club uis goverened by a set of rules agreed by the members and reviewed as necessary at the AGM. A copy of the Club Rules may be found - here .

You can download the Adobe PDF Reader here.