35l Ace of Spades 2

The first new car design after Barrie Price purchased the Lea-Francis company.


 Engine: Jaguar XJ6 3,442cc

In 1962 Barrie Price purchased the assets of the Car Division of Lea-Francis, including the name. Barrie oversaw many repairs and restorations and even built a “new” 14hp Sports in 1976.

Eventually Barrie and his friend, the late Peter Engelbach, decided to produce a new car, and launched in 1980 the first distinctive “3 litre Sports” using a ladder-type box section chassis frame, with a hand-crafted aluminium body.

At the 1992 Motor Show a longer version was shown, which revived the name Ace of Spades.  A total of 5 of these cars have been built to order, in either short- or long-chassis configuration. 

Further details can be found in Barrie’s excellent book The Lea-Francis Story.

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