• Lea-Francis Twelve and Fourteen 1938/9

      Designed by Hugh Rose, formerly of Riley, these were the first cars produced by the new company, Lea-Francis Engineering Ltd
  • 14hp Four-Light Saloon 1946-50

    This is the most numerous Lea-Francis model of all, introduced in 1946 on a development of the pre-war chassis and engine.
  • 14hp Four-Light Saloon 1951-53

    For 1951 the four-light saloon body fitted to the 14hp ifs chassis was lowered by some two inches, the boot lid opened from the top instead of the bottom, the radiator was lowered, and the headlamps were recessed into the wings.
  • 14/70 Six-Light Saloon 1948-51

    This streamlined de-luxe version of the 14hp saloon was introduced at the 1948 Motor Show and intended to appeal to the more modern taste, but its higher price tag counted against it.
  • 14hp Estate 1946-53

    The estate cars on the 14hp saloon chassis had wooden bodies that were not built in-house, but by quite a number of independent coachbuilders, who even produced one-offs for individual customers.
  • 14hp Sports 1947-49

    An attractive and enjoyable sports car that due to its ongoing popularity has a high survival rate.
  • 14hp Specials

    Over the years a number of tired post-war 14s, mostly saloons but also estates, have found a new lease of life with mainly home-built open bodies fitted.
  • 14hp Westland 1948-50

    Just 29 examples were built of a graceful two-door fixed-head coupé on the 14hp chassis by the Westland company of Hereford in1948 and 1949.
  • Connaught L2 and L3 1948-53

    The Connaughts was made by Continental Cars of Send, Surrey, and their first sports cars used the chassis, engine and transmission of the Lea-Francis 14hp Sports.
  • Lea-Francis engined Turners

    Lea-Francis engined cars built by Jack Turner
  • Midget Racers

    A number of Midget racing cars were powered by Lea-Francis engines and raced with success both in the USA and Australia, where the Speedway format of motor sport is more popular.
  • 2½ Litre Sports 1949 - 53

     A new sports car for 1949 fitted with the new and powerful 2½ litre engine
  • 18hp Saloon 1949-54

    Outwardly identical to the 14hp six-light saloon, the 18hp saloon was launched in 1949 along with the Sports of the same engine size.
  • Westland 2½ Litre Tourer 1950

    Similar to the 14hp Westland, but fitted with the more powerful 2½ litre sports engine
  • Lynx 1960-61

    An unsuccesful attempt by Lea-Francis to re-enter the sports car market.
  • Unihorse Tractor 1961-62 (by Lea-Francis)

    A relatively successful small garden tractor.
  • 3.5 Litre Ace-of-Spades 1980-92

    The first new car design after Barrie Price purchased the Lea-Francis company.
  • 30/320

    The Lea-Francis 30/230 was first shown to the public at the 1998 Motor Show.

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