Turner 1

Lea-Francis engined cars built by Jack Turner


 Engine: Lea-Francis 1500cc, 89bhp
 Wheelbase: 8'
Track: 4'

Jack Turner started producing high performance sports cars in 1949. The first eight cars completed featured his own all-independent chassis. Turner persuaded Lea-Francis’ Hugh Rose to make aluminium twin-plug cylinder heads for at least three of his sports cars. The first car shown (006) is the only LeaF-engined Turner currently owned by a Club member.

The second car (003) is the one driven by Ken Rose, son of Hugh Rose, with an aluminium body copied from the Ferrari Barchetta. The engine was later changed for a Ford Zephyr unit.

The racing car is the Turner Formula 2 car (007) with a wheelbase 6” shorter and an engine that was probably the ultimate development of the post-war Rose-designed unit.

Jack Turner had the cast iron Lea-Francis engine redesigned to allow it to be cast in light alloy with wet liners. The head featured larger valves, triple valve springs and dual ignition.

With SU fuel injection adapted from an aircraft unit an output of 145bhp was achieved.

This and the ex-Ken Rose car are currently on display at the Haynes Motor Museum, Sparkford, near Yeovil.


Photos courtesy of:
Turner Sports Cars (http://www.turnersportscars.co.uk)
Russell Filby
Dave Scott
Bob Knijnenburg


The Turner Register

Haynes Motor Museum, Sparkford, Somerset (http://www.haynesmotormuseum.com)

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